Alphabet for Annabelle

Today starts the 26 day Alphabet for Annabelle project.  I love journaling and playing with all mixed media.  It’s exciting to see others creative work and always serves to be very inspiring.  While sharing art with a community of amazing mixed media artists, I came across the idea of sending “letters” through the mail.

My granddaughter is CRAZY for the Alphabet, and what kid (young & old alike) doesn’t LOVE getting a real live letter in the mailbox?  (pun intended!)


I live for this smile:)

So…here it goes…

Aisforannabelle-front Aisforannabelle-back

I will be laminating each letter and punching a hole in the top left corner so her letters can go with her and hang on any bag. Each card is 6 X 6

Let me know if you decide to join me on the adventure, and send me pics of YOUR “letters!”  I’d love to see them:)

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