Speaking of Ribbons…Ribbons + Food = yummy

I use ribbon almost every day!

As a “small gift giver” I was recently overjoyed with my new laundry room that included a “wrapping station!”  Yay!!   My contractor said to me, (in regards to the wrapping station) “Do you really wrap that many gifts to warrant the use of all this space?! ”  and I said, (with a twinkle in my eyes)  “Mike, I have a gift for you:)”

The RIBBON RACK was very important to me.  (He almost left that out…even AFTER I told Him the EXACT number of ribbon spools I had planned for it!)  Ribbon is so misunderstood:(



Which brings me to my next point…Ribbon is mandatory for all special occasions and very useful to caterers.

Food + Ribbon, beautifully wrapped = yummy.

Speaking of Ribbon + Food…

Cooking is surely the way to the heart.  I love to love others through food, so I was over the moon when I had the opportunity to help my Daughter with HER Daughter’s First Birthday Party.

…and the “woven” theme throughout all the food?  You guessed it, RIBBON:)

Just look at all the uses for these heavenly spools…

Ribbon:mini sandwiches Ribbon:rice krispies Ribbon:Cupcake cakepops ribbon:timeline2 Ribbon:pompoms Ribbon:foodtable

Can you see the newborn picture of Annabelle up on the wall?


Not to mention the adornment of the BIRTHDAY GIRL HERSELF!

(She was born on Valentines Day…hearts, red, white and pink)

Ribbon:Annabelle2 Ribbon:Annabelle3

I could talk about ribbon for hours…I guess I already did:)


Find Great Ribbon at


Click above to check out their site and find a retailer near you!

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