Fall Colors with LuminArte Silks

LuminArte Silks Acrylic Glaze paints are so vibrant and smooth.  I love the colors and the way they just glide onto a page.  They are vibrant and rich and delicious.  Isn’t it funny how easy it is to compare wonderful art products to food…yummy also comes to mind:)

Fall Colors w/LuminArte Silks

Fall Colors w/LuminArte Silks

9 thoughts on “Fall Colors with LuminArte Silks

  1. Your doodles are way tooooo awesome! Your style ,handwriting, water colouring style…. Can you like magically give me some of your skills like with a wand or so…. Love it all! Beautiful art. Lots of love, shraddha

      1. Thanks so much Sue! Ive been trying to make a doodle that depicts the magical power present in our beliefs, but it’s not happening..I’m not so good at doodling..
        I guess it’s easier to follow or copy something than to come up with something..I love your style n totally trust that you will make an awesome doodle- only if you don’t mind..
        I want to use this doodle as a cover pic for my page ‘beautiful you’ on fb!
        Anything that prompts us to believe in ourselves..cuz these beliefs can work like magic..
        Can you help me around here? I totally trust n rely on your creativity here..what say?

      2. Shradda, thank you for sharing your thoughts! I agree with you…so many things about our God are beyond our comprehension…they are supernatural… And will often remain a mystery to is on earth. What an exciting doodle to create as we seek to become more aware of His supernatural nature!! I will work on this! Maybe we can combine our efforts!! Post some of your ideas and we can create together!!

      3. What I had in mind was many many hearts, all interconnected to each other and the word ‘believe’ hanging from those hearts..as if all those hearts have lifted this ‘believe’ in air and given it wings..

        The reason why I haven’t posted my doodle attempt of the above description, I think you will come up with a better way of depicting it.. For me, I tried it and it somehow didn’t seem right..

        If I share what I tried, perhaps you may think on similar lines, and I don’t want that to happen..

        The intended meaning like you guessed, is we all have the power to believe in ourselves. We just have to have that leap of faith and fly.. Hence the hearts lifting the believe and giving it wings..

        Our hearts are nothing but god’s will and god’s love ❤

        If you still feel like it would be good for me to share what I attempted doodling, I can take a photo and share with you. But something tells me, you will get what's gonna be the most perfect way of depicting it 🙂
        So happy I found you here! Thanks so much 🙂

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