Altered Shabby Chic iphone case

At Frog Dog Studio we have new partners “in crafts” (Amazing Crafting Products-ACP)

and they have opened the door WIDE to many new and exciting projects

utilizing both ACP products and the great supplies found at 

Frog Dog including our monthly kits.

Below, is my first joint project:)

I have altered my iphone case several times…I’m sure this won’t be the last…it’s a problem I have:)

 Above is what lies beneath:)

This time, using both the Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the Viva Decor Paper Pen

I created this Vintage Button Case. 

(The Viva D. Paper Pen is a wonderful product I received in a previous Frog Dog Kit)

 *NOTE: I am not using Frog Dog’s December Kit for this project

 First, I covered the case with some torn art paper…you could use any paper that would be a soft neutral background for your buttons to “shine.”

I glued all the pieces on with Mod Podge.


Next, I pulled out a jar of my favorite vintage buttons. (I collect them)

I placed the buttons on top of the case, arranging & re-arranging them to get a good fit…

leaving about 1/4″ border for the Paper Pen.

Once I was happy with the button placement, I glued them in place with Mod Podge, using a brush. I did this to keep them secure until they were coated with Resin.

Above you can see the application of the Opal Paper Pen border.

It dries within 20-30 minutes… enough to layer the “piping” in order to build up a high enough “wall” to contain the poured Resin.


Along with the border, I piped around the “apple hole”


I applied 3 “layers” of piping.

Before I poured the Resin, I added a heart cut out of a burlap ribbon with a thin Paper Pen border.  I wrote the words “-Love more” on a piece of the white art paper and glued both the words and another tiny button on top of the heart with Mod Podge.

Once the final layer of Paper Pen Piping was dry; and the heart, words, and button were in place, it was time to mix up the Amazing Clear Cast Resin.


It’s SOOO easy…

1.) pour together equal parts of A & B.

2.) let the air bubbles rise to the top

3.) slowly stir until “swirls” disappear

4.) then pour!

I used about 1 Tbs. each, of both A & B

(it helps to “pinch” the cup together slightly to create a “spout” when pouring)

I used a popsicle stick (included in the Resin kit) to move the Resin over some of the buttons and the burlap heart, being careful to go slow, remembering not to pour too much at once,

causing it to spill over my Paper Pen wall.

*Make sure that your popsicle stick is completely clean, so that no unwanted debris gets trapped in your Resin.

  It is dry within 24-48 hours.

(I used my phone the next day)

The small button in the top left hand corner is a little too close to the camera.  




(or just omit those)


*I took that one button off and moved it slightly & re-attached it with a strong glue.

The top left corner was the only area that the Resin was not added.


I have a strong suspicion that I will be making another Resin Case soon!!!

I love how it turned out


It’s very durable! Who needs an Otter?

It was especially adored by my 6th grade girls small group at church:)

The embellishments you could add with Amazing Clear Cast Resin are endless!

charms, beads, fabric scraps, movie tickets, stamps, coins, ribbon…

Hope this gives you some ideas for creating your own phone case with

Amazing Clear Cast Resin and the Viva Decor Paper Pen!


It’s a joy to create and share with you!




2 thoughts on “Altered Shabby Chic iphone case

  1. I ran across you on pinterest and as I scrolled your blog found this project. It is fabulous! I have been wanting to add something fun to my otter case for my Android phone and now I have some great ideas! I will be subscribing to your blog so I can enjoy more of your fun artwork and techniques! I have a blog of my artwork as well (I do lots of quotes and Bible verses in watercolor, ink, and on old book papers). Stop by sometime.

    1. Nicole,
      Thanks so much for stopping by and taking the time to write! It’s always so easy to grab ideas and go (I do it myself 😦 ) so, when someone takes the time to comment it is such a treat! I’m glad you like the phone case idea…I work with a few craft companies(FROG DOG STUDIO & AMAZING CRAFTING PRODUCTS) that sell GREAT products, so I am constantly inspired! I will definitely stop by for a visit!
      Thanks for making my day!!!

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