Whiteboards:OUT Chalkboards:IN

I have had so much fun pining chalkboards on pinterest…

the source of inspiration for my latest project at the brand new Cincinnati restaurant

Deyo’s Italian Bistro.

I‘ve always loved the feel of the chalk in my hand and the simple black and white (or green and white) color scheme.  There’s something 3dimensional about writing on a chalkboard vs. a white board…something nostalgic.  Any of you out there ever have the job of “cleaning” the erasers?  I can remember teachers asking a few brave souls to go outside and “knock” 2 together until all the white chalky powder came out.

Most of it ended up in your hair and on your clothes and inevitability in your eyes…but it was worth it to get out of the classroom and go outside.

When family friends decided to open up their second Italian restaurant this month they asked me to letter a giant chalkboard in their carryout space.  I really couldn’t wait to “play.”

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

I will admit that it’s been challenging to get it finished due to family circumstances, but it was “mostly” completed as of yesterday:)

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

The board itself is made with Chalkboard paint and the lettering is done with a combination of white chalkboard paint markers and white ceiling paint.

It was so much easier to draw the “boxed in areas” with the marker….more control for straight lines.

The paint and brush were used for finer details.

I think it needs a few more elements…especially up in the right hand corner:)

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

Deyo's Italian Bistro Chalkboard

Click here to see more info on their fabulous Bistro!

While it is a family friendly restaurant with plenty of nooks and crannies to excite any kid big and small alike (24/7 Disney movies shown on lower level including cool play area)  it also offers chic adult seating with luxurious booths including elegant lighting, vintage style tables, and contemporary decor elements on three levels.  I can’t wait til they load some photos of the finished interior!

Opening December 30th!

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