Are we too busy to actually “live in the present?”

Journal Page Tutorial

I just watched a movie called “About Time” with Rachel McAdams.  I liked it, up until the end…

and then I loved it:)

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 5.23.30 AM

The message: Living a  life without the need of a “do-over”  is possible, if we truly stop and appreciate each moment we have.  Each interaction, each snowflake, each raindrop, each kiss on the cheek or person in need…if we simply pay attention…stay present…not thinking of what lies behind or ahead…just now.

The Author Ann Voskamp puts it like this…

A Journal Page Tutorial

Below is a short tutorial:)


I used a white Gelato, “scribbling” and drawing loose shapes and then added blue and white Pan Pastel over the top.  The Gelato “pulls” the color of the Pan Pastel leaving those areas darker.

Below, I introduced more color using more Pan Pastels and then, using the white Gelato, filled in the circle stencil.  First, rub a bit in the center of each circle, then smear with your finger.

You’ll see further below that I later added Pan Pastel color over the Gelato, which highlighted the shapes and gave them dimension.



Below, I did the same process with another stencil of clocks.

It’s lovely how you can see the magnified view of my finger with red chalk deep in all it’s crevices:)



I “inked up” the Sin City Butterfly Stamp with Versa Mark, stamped on the project and again, rubbed Pan Pastel over the stamped image.  The Versa Mark also “pulls” the color of the pastels.



Below, I added a few random “patches” of translucent embossing paste.



Here’s what it looks like close up with color added over the top.


A few more details…



I recommend the movie and it’s sentiment.

Live present today!



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