A Letter Journal to my Daughter

Hello fellow mixed media lovers, I am up today with a project highlighting both our

Frog Dog Studio February Kit, along with Sin City Stamps.

 I will also be featuring, Amazing Crafting Products Clear Cast Resin and Pan Pastels.

Sometimes I  create for the sake of creating…it’s an outlet, relaxing and satisfying…but often, I try to create projects that are lasting and with specific purpose…this project is the latter.

A Letter Journal to my Daughter:)

I started with this great Butterfly Mini Chipboard Journal from Sin City Stamps.  It came with 2 pieces of chipboard and several white pages (sturdy mixed media paper)  to go inside.

I covered the front and back of my journal (chipboard pieces) with black gesso, to allow a nice contrast for the Pan Pastels I would add.

I “inked up” the large Butterfly stamp from the set with Versa Ink from our kit, and pressed it onto the front piece.  Next, I used a small sponge applicator (our kit came with some of these) to brush on the Pan Pastel color.  I actually blended a white and blue to achieve a slightly lighter shade.

 Below, you can see how you can blend colors right in the “pots”, and when you are finished, simply wipe the colors with a clean applicator and your color is back to it’s true shade.

*To clean applicator simply rub a few times across a paper towel.  You will see the color stop coming off the applicator, and then you know its clean)

Above, you can see where I added more color on top for a bit of contrast.

I actually used a small dry paint brush for this, wiping the brush on a paper towel in between colors.

When you are finished adding color with the Pan Pastels, you can “set” the color with water, a fixative spray or even hairspray, to prevent the “chalk” from rubbing off.

Next I added some detail with a uni-ball signo pen in white. (flowers, butterflies, and sentiment)

AND…I used the Faber Castell White Gelato from our kit, to accent the journal’s outside edges.

 In order to make this piece more beautiful and durable, I added Amazing Clear Cast Resin.

Follow the products simple directions.  (Mix part A & B, stir and pour!)

I used a very small amount (about 1 tsp. of each part A & B) careful to stop slightly short of the very edge to prevent the Resin from flowing off the piece.

I used an old clean paint brush to spread the resin across the butterfly. After I was finished, I rinsed the brush in warm soapy water and in the morning my brush was good as new:)

I let the piece set overnight.

 I created the pages inside just like I did the cover. (minus the resin)

Versa mark, Stamp, Pan Pastel.

I blended the blue with a bit of white for a lighter shade like I did with the cover.

Once I created the background color, I wrote the “letter to my daughter” using a Scarlet Lime pen.

I added an extra large jump ring to hold the journal together, then added a charm, a key,

and a few pieces of ribbon.

 I just love this Butterfly Stamp set and Chipboard Journal from Sin City!  

They were perfect for this project.

The sentiment around the front cover is one that is very special to me…

“Wired into a creature who looks nothing like a Butterfly, 

is the complete identity of a Butterfly!”

(just like the lack luster caterpillar whose true identity is the miraculous Butterfly…so are we created for so much more!)


My dear daughter,                                                                                                                                                                            You were created with intent and a unique purpose that requires you to be like no other.  Be confident, not arrogant and be the best encourager of others so they can be lifted up to find their purpose too.  Be ok with failure because thats where you will learn life’s greatest lessons. (2 Cor 12:9) Be kind forgiving and compassionate, because nobody gains anything from being the opposite of these.  These fruits will not be in your life unless you are connected to the source.  Without it, you will be lacking in love, joy peace, patience kindness, goodness, self-control, gentleness and faithfulness.  Remember that secrets always have a cost and that honesty is always the best policy.  Be faithful, believing in something much bigger than yourself, because the world is not about you.  Be strong and courageous (Josh 1:9) because life is not easy and will require a strength beyond your limited power…but remember also, that all things are possible.  (Phil 4:13)  Be thankful because a thankful heart finds joy and contentment.  In our praise we find the presence of God, our Father.  Be honest and loyal speaking truth in love, standing firm through the best and the worst of times.  Honor and love God, be a true helpmate to your husband, train your children in the way they should go (Deut 6) and place your identity in Christ, for you are His heir because you are loved.

(the content of this journal was inspired by One Mother’s Inspirational Letter to her Child…
via ErinSchreyer.com)

 Hope you are inspired to create your own Letter Journal using some of these great products:

 Frog Dog Studio February KitSin City Stamps

Amazing Crafting Products Clear Cast Resin and Pan Pastels.

As always, it is a joy to share with you!



2 thoughts on “A Letter Journal to my Daughter

  1. Hello Sue! I love this idea and want to try it (though I am neither mum nor wife) for my family members and friends. The paint pastels look amazing and seem easy to work with. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you Elle, for taking the time to read and to share your thoughts! Pan Pastels are a favorite of mine and you can find them at Frog Dog Studio (mixed media kits) or at Dick Blick online. (art store) Have fun creating!!

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