When nothing seems enough….

A sweet friend of my daughters is going through a very difficult time.  She is a Mommy to a beautiful 3 year old and is diligently caring for her husband who has stage 3 cancer.

I know that God didn’t promise that our life would be easy…He actually promised that it would be hard.

God’s ways are not our ways…I’m so glad that God is not just a BIG US.  If I could understand Him completely, than He’d be like me.  Aren’t you glad I’m not God!

(words from Priscilla Shirer:) )

John 16:33

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”

In Christ, we are each over comers…this world is not our home…so we should not try to be too comfortable…

He is preparing a place for us…but in the meantime…we are here to learn LOVE.

I can’t begin to understand why some have cancer…why some suffer at the hands of others…Why so many things seem unfair in light of our limited understanding…limited by a human mind and an earthly perspective.

The story is bigger than you and me…longer than our short time in this place we now call home.

When others are enduring such struggles in life, nothing ever seems to be enough…

Words to say…help to give…reassurance…hope…love…some roads we must walk in life feel so lonely…like no one else is going through what we are experiencing…especially the pain.

The most we can do is pray….sometimes it seems like that is ALL we can do….must do.

I know that God has given us each a purpose…and that He has equipped us to fulfill this purpose.

We are called to love.  To walk along side our brothers and sisters,

using God given gifts to express love… and in doing so, find a joy and satisfaction that is kind of indescribable.

With only a few days to visit, I loved this young Mother the best  I could…with a hug, a listening ear, a Mother’s touch, and a gift…something I knew how to do that could be a reminder when I’m gone that someone cares.

A Canvas for her sweet child…

MIna's Canvas

MIna's Canvas

MIna's Canvas

I know that this little life is a special blessing.  One who is already loved, accepted, forgiven, chosen, adopted…like each of us…because it brings our Father pleasure:)

4 thoughts on “When nothing seems enough….

  1. Sue, your love can fill holes better than you know. Your love is undeniably authentic, sincere, from the heart and can be felt. I know that you feel her pain and that she felt your love! K.

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