Mixed Media Canvas Tutorial

PM:Canvastutorial:You are loved

I’ve been working on a lot of projects…mostly for Frog Dog Studio, but today, I had a WHOLE day to create a canvas that I’ll use as an example in my upcoming Mixed Media Collage class.

The products used are below

18 X 24 stretched canvas

12 x 12 Diamond stencil

old book pages (torn)

White & Cream acrylic paint

Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso

Pinata black ink

Bubble wrap

Tim Holtz “burlap” stencil

The Crafter’s Workshop ledger stencil

Pan Pastels (Permanent red ex dark & black)

Black gelato

Pitt multi liner pen xs

Baby wipes

Canvas Tutorial

First, I covered the canvas with Gesso and used Matte Medium to adhere torn book pages.

Canvas Tutorial

Next, I added random “swipes” with Heavy Gesso using an old insurance card.

Canvas Tutorial

I applied the same heavy gesso to the diamond stencil using the same card. Build up the thickness to your liking by adding more gesso...it will take longer to dry the thicker you apply.

Once the gesso was dry, I added some black paint go random areas.

Below you can see where I squeezed it directly on top of the stenciled diamonds.

Canvas Tutorial

Canvas Tutorial

Next, I spread it out with a brush, then quickly wiped it off with a baby wipe, leaving traces of black

to the edges of the design.

See below.

Canvas Tutorial

Canvas Tutorial

Canvas Tutorial

I did the same black paint smear above, but spritzed on some water and tipped the canvas so that the paint dripped.

Canvas Tutorial

Later, added a bit of cream colored paint in this corner to better balance the color on the canvas.

Canvas Tutorial

I drew these circley swirls directly out of the bottle – Pinata black ink.  It flows so smoothly and is very “vibrant” even for the color black:)  I then took a wadded up piece of tissue paper (just happened to have it sitting next to me, so I grabbed it) and dabbed the wet ink…just wanted to “mess it up” a little.

Canvas Tutorial

I added some uniform black “dots”  by brushing black paint onto a piece of bubble wrap

Canvas Tutorial

Canvas Tutorial

I also added a few number stamps, the Tim Holtz burlap stencil and TCW Ledger stencil, using black acrylic paint.

I knew I wanted to write on the canvas in bold letters.  The busy background required them to be big and fat in order to stand out enough on a background with so many elements.

I used a large round brush (size 8) dipped in the Pinata ink to write the words “You are Loved”

I wanted to write more about WHO we are loved by…

So the small writing (Ephesians 1) is done with a Pitt multi liner xs pen

I added the heart last, loading up a small brush with the red Pan Pastel, then outlining with black using a Q-tip.

Canvas Tutorial

I filled in the heart with color by using my finger and the Q-tip.  After that, I used a baby wipe, rubbing in a circular motion to blend the color from the edge into the center.

Canvas Tutorial

Black Gelato finished off the edge of the canvas creating a border.

You cannot see the side of the canvas, but some of the book pages wrap around the sides as well as some of the lettering.

To show you some detail…

Canvas Tutorial

Canvas Tutorial

Canvas Tutorial

Canvas Tutorial

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