Adore-a-Bull and the rescue of “Irresistible Clyde”

My project post today is 2-fold…

1.  Promote a great cause Adore-a-Bull (& Clyde)

2. Share a little “how to” using The Crafters Workshop Stencils

But first, a little back story…

This is Clyde…I think he’s irresistible.


Bonnie (Clyde’s sister) & Clyde were found on the streets of Columbus and ended up in a shelter there.

Thankfully, Adore-a-Bull was called for some help… they would probably be these siblings last hope.

The rescue had begun, thanks to a caring shelter worker in Columbus, and countless volunteers with Adore-a-Bull...

Bonnie and Clyde would be saved, along with at least 6 other pit bulls found in the Columbus area.

These homeless Pit Bulls were transferred from Columbus, as calls were made to find Cincinnati volunteers who could foster them, until a loving and permanent home could be found.


My “adopted” sister (we adopted each other), Kris, was a part of this rescue team. She took Clyde in immediately, with a plan to keep him as long as it took to prepare him for an adoption.

Below is my friend Kris…helping out with another rescue…through “My Furry Valentine.”

(More than dogs were helped in this rescue:)  )

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 11.13.04 AM

As she spent time with Clyde, she realized that he had some serious medical problems.

       Clyde and his sister.

                                                                                                          Bonnie and Clyde

It isn’t known for sure, but it appeared that he had experienced some major trauma, (maybe hit by car) and suffers from spinal and hip injuries.  I call him the dog with “no bones” because he moves and “plops” like a bowl of jello.

  After receiving testing including an MRI (all thanks to Adore-a-Bull), it was determined that this little guy needed some major surgery.

He is such a lovable fellow…never complains…he  is sweet, affectionate, & content, even though he must be in pain.

Clyde has been a frequent visitor at my house upon my request.  He is such a cuddler and his disposition is contagious!

To know Clyde is to love him:)

So…anyway… due to the non profit organization Adore-a Bull,  Clyde was recently able to have corrective surgery…

a very rare procedure for a dog.

Kris was able to bring him back to her home this week for a long recovery.
When Clyde has healed, he will be ready for adoption.


You  Can see his stitches above and below


Adore-a-Bull, here in Cincinnati, is hosting a fun Alumni Event that will also be raising money for their cause…

…including Irresistible Clyde.

This is their mission statement:

Our Mission: Our mission to save pit bulls begins with rescue of the neglected, abused, and misunderstood.  Through our caring fosters we nurture and rehabilitate.  Through our voice we educate and change minds.  Through our work we match companions to families.  Our mission will never end.

Kris asked me if I might help by creating some artwork to be used in a raffle for this upcoming Alumni event.

Adore-a-Bull Event

Here are a few of my first projects


This piece (which will be framed) was inspired by the artist Dean Russo

You can see his work here.

With pencil, I first drew the outline of Clyde on watercolor paper. Then using watercolor, I filled him in, and then cut him out.

Next, I prepared the background…

Using a piece of Black card stock, I first stenciled the background with white paint, and then, once dry, I used the same stencil with blue spray ink.  (Using the white paint first, allowed the spray ink to show better on the black paper)

After spraying the ink through the stencil, (before lifting the stencil up) I rolled a paper towel roll over it to better avoid “bleeding” under the stencil…it gave the design a texture that I like:)

This is The Crafters Workshop stencil I used first

         TCW 491 xoxo
TCW 491 xoxo

I used one of my favorite pens (Uni-ball Signo) in white to trace parts of The Crafters Workshop stencil below.

TCW 470 Geometric Layers
TCW 470 Geometric Layers

A few more details were added with a Montana paint pen. (in red)

I also made some “Clyde cards”



I’m hoping to work on a few more pieces to help raise money for Adore-a-Bull, to help Clyde, and more dogs like him.

I have provided links above to the Adore-a-Bull non profit organization as well as a link to their upcoming event.

(simply click on their name or photo)

Please check out their website and consider a donation.

AND…Don’t forget to check out ALL the new stencils available at The Crafters Workshop!

It’s a joy to share with you:)