Eternity in our Hearts

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We will all have changing “seasons” in our lives.  As Jesus did before us, we will experience  weeping, but also find laughter…mourning,  but learn to dance… uprooting but also planting… breaking down, yet building up…life…but also death.  The great news is…it won’t be the end of our story! Because “We have eternity in our hearts.”  I pray that we each will keep this truth close, as we experience the seasons of life.

BAJ-Biblepage-eternityinheart-Sue Carroll



4 thoughts on “Eternity in our Hearts

    1. Thanks so much Alice! You are so sweet to take the time to encourage me:) YOUR blog is amazing! Your “tangles” are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! You are very talented!!! So nice to meet you:)

  1. I’m not really sure how I found you, but so glad I did! Thank you so much for all the wonderful doodle tutorials! I’ve started teaching Bible Journaling and your blog will be a great resource for me and to refer people to. I love your heart for the Word! Awesome.

    1. awwww…Thank you Karen!! Technology can be a “curse” and yet when it allows sisters to connect with one another across borders it is such a great blessing! I am ALWAYS soooo appreciative when someone takes the time to comment, connect with, reach out to, share with, and encourage me! I am so excited for this journey you’re headed for…teaching Bible Art Journaling! Anytime I can be a sounding board or help in anyway, please come back to chat! Bless you!!!

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