Doodle for the day:)

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My lifeline for the last 18 years has been Women’s Bible Study.  Let’s face it…without constant encouragement and accountability we fall away.  We are stupid sheep.  A friend I used to teach with (in children’s ministry) grew up on a farm that raised sheep.  stupid sheep.  He told me that when it got cold the sheep would huddle together….NO…not just huddle, actually PILE UP on top of each other.  He said that one day he went out to where they had been sleeping for the night and found a pile of dead sheep.  They had suffocated each other…and this happened more than once…20 sheep pile up.  WHAT A PICTURE of who we are…we are so slow to learn, and then have trouble remembering just what it is God has taught us…over and over, we pile up.

Women’s Bible Study is a preventative measure to avoid my own pile up.  Hence my sheep doodle today!

“My sheep hear my voice and I know them, and they follow Me.”  – John 10:27

Hearing God’s voice takes commitment. obedience. a sincere desire to put our stupid stubborn sheep will aside and humbly practice God’s presence.

“If you want to hear God’s voice clearly and you are uncertain, then remain in His presence until He changes this uncertainty.  Often much can happen during this waiting for the Lord.  Sometimes He changes pride into humility; doubt into faith and peace; sometime lust into purity.  The Lord CAN and WILL do it. ”  -Corrie Ten Boom

I want to be a listening sheep.

BAJ:Doodle101:Sheep:final:Sue Carroll

Bless you!


9 thoughts on “Doodle for the day:)

  1. I am sooo glad I found you on here. I love your doodle for the day, it has given me much inspiration and confidence to have a go myself. Thank you!! Marilyn

    1. Marilyn, it is so nice to “meet” you! Thanks for taking the time to share with me:) It makes it so worthwhile to know I am encouraging others!! Stop by another time to tell me how it’s going!!

  2. Wow! I love the hidden meaning behind your doodle. Awesome one ❤ may you be inspired to share more n more of such deep truths through your doodles 🙂

  3. Discovered you today, …which not only encouraged me, but comforted me! My heart hears this message…with such JOY! Thanku!❤

    1. Deborah, it is a wonder how th e Lord will use us for His work and His glory! So glad you recognized His encouragement and comfort! He is speaking right to your heart:) bless you!!!

  4. Absolutely love this. My sheep hear my voice 😍
    So glad that you use your talent for God’s glory. Stay blessed – Tina from India

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