On the road DOODLES

imagedoodle/sue carroll

I haven’t posted using my phone, so please forgive my inexperience! We are visiting family out of town and on the way I realized I did not bring a book and my phone was dead, so…. I pulled out my Proverbs Journible and doodled one of the verses God spoke clearly to my heart. (Doodling in the car is a challenge! Only one short stretch of smooth road, enough for one card)


I am using a Project Life card. A handy little deck of Journaling cards. Even though I am not using other products from Project Life, I love these on their own!  I think I may do a series of these and put them on a keyring:)

Happy 4th!! May God bless you and your families with His presence!



  1. lynnegwell

    i LOVE those little Project Life cards. I used to carry some in my purse & if we were waiting to be seated in a restaurant, etc. I would have my girls make little Top 5 lists or drawings & then I could slip them right into my Project Life albums. Now I have a whole NEW purpose for them! Beautiful idea Sue!!!!

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