Proverbs & Project Life Cards


Continuing in my Proverbs Journible… I love that our good Father will make His words known to us! Our first step is to be taken towards Him, rather than away from Him. Why do we find this so hard? He rewards us with revelation which gives us abundant life! …praying I will pause long enough to be aware of my need to turn.


Hoping some of you might join me in creating these scripture cards. They come in a cute little box, but you could laminate them and keep them on a key ring….I’m thinking about pulling one out each week to add to my car key ring- there I can see it all day:)

Thank you for stopping by today!
Bless you!


4 thoughts on “Proverbs & Project Life Cards

  1. I have been a subbie of your blog for a while now and this is the first comment I have left…I enjoy your art and reading your words each and every time I get the email…today’s verse has prompted this comment…I can not comprehend why people in their time of need would shy away from God…it is at these times that we need Him the most and I can not think of a safer place than abiding in Him…my husband of 21+ years went home to be with our Lord a few short months ago…it was sudden and knocked the wind out of me for a moment but I found myself surrounded by God’s grace and love…my relationship with Him has not wavered but has gotten stronger…He gently rebukes me when I get into “worry mode” and asks that I trust Him and His Word…He not only makes His Word known but also His plans for me and our family…I just wanted to thank you for the daily reminders of God’s love for us all…it is truly a blessing to me…<3

    1. Dorothy, its so nice to meet you:) Thank you for taking the time to write such a heartfelt note!! I am so sorry to hear that you lost your husband. How faithful is our God in that He provides what we need…that He might use my words to encourage you is such an honor and a blessings for us both! Your words of truth mean so much as you He has obviously cared for you through your sorrow. Thank you for sharing! I’m sure that you have encouraged someone else today! Thank u also for your kind and thoughtful words. You have lifted my spirits! Bless you! Keep in touch!!!!

  2. Are you writing the ENTIRE book of Proverbs on the PL cards? I love the idea!!! Actually WRITING the scriptures helps me too!!

    Thanks Sue ❤️

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