2 thoughts on “7 days without God makes 1 weak!

  1. Lol… Me too! I’m just curious I’m new to this journaling thing and have no natural talent…it takes me 2 or 3 days to finish a page and you seem to turn out at least one per day… Is this your job, or just your passion? do you have kids running around how do you budget your time to accomplish these beautiful works?

    1. Hi Sheryl! Thank you for taking the time to connect:) I really do enjoy meeting women who love the Lord and are seeking Him! Your questions are good ones!

      I am certainly guilty of giving “worldly things” too much priority, and know that the only way I have found to live with strength, wisdom, and joy is putting our Father first.

      I have no left brain, and have an intense pull to create on a daily basis… Studying God’s word in the process is such a win win for me!!!

      That being said, I am also born with the ability to get by on little sleep. I mean, I DO sleep, but I’m good with 5 hours on a regular basis. I’ve been like this since I began having children. (I have 4-18,24,27, &30 )

      When my kids were little, my quiet time was always in the early morning hours…it’s been a habit that has stayed with me.

      This is not my job, although I would love it to be! (Haven’t found anyone who would pay me!) I do not have kids running around anymore, but do have a lot of other responsibilities. (Helping parents, being a grandparent, leading Bible studies, and teaching various classes)

      I am a teacher at heart, and I truly LOVE to help others learn!!! That is definitely a passion for me and God has provided me with so many opportunities to do this:)

      I have been enjoying seeing others use some of the “doodle tutorials” I have been posting! It is one way I can “give” using the gifts God has blessed me with:)

      Hope that answers your questions!! Please try not to feel frustrated about the length of time it takes to create…I think in some ways, that is a blessing from the Lord! It gives you more time to really soak in what the Holy Spirit is revealing to you! Put on some worship music, pray and enjoy your time! Don’t let the enemy steal from you by taking your focus there. xo

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