Bible Art Journaling Page/ Deuteronomy


I taught a Bible Art Journaling class last night…the final of a series of 3, with an amazingly talented group!  They all had so much to share with one another and it was a blessing to learn from them as well:)  Thank you Sisters of Hose Hose #4

Hose House:closeup

When we stop learning, we stop growing…

BAJ/Deuteronomy/Sue Carroll

Speaking of learning and growing…

“Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no longer stubborn.” Deut 10:16

In the KJV it says “be no more stiff-necked”

I can relate to both…I am stubborn and stiff necked!

BAJ/Deuteronomy/Sue Carroll

What a sweet reminder that if we turn from our stubbornness, (just turn our head in the slightest) we can see, that IN LOVE…our Father has SO MUCH more for us than what we plan out for ourselves.  This is a life long lesson I learn over and over.

Thank you Father for your Mercy and Grace.



4 thoughts on “Bible Art Journaling Page/ Deuteronomy

  1. Hi Sue, I love many of your images. I’ve tried to “pin” one from this post and Pinterest only brings up the photos on your sidebar. Are you using a setting that stops “pinning”? Or is it just my crazy computer today?

    1. Hi Karen:) not sure why you are having trouble, you should be able to! I have pinned many of my images- maybe try going to my pinterest page and pin from my boards:)

    1. Glad we found each other Carol! Been so busy moving and keeping up with grandchildren, etc. Love how God generously allows us to speak His encouragement to each other!! Xo

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