8 thoughts on “A few of my FAVORITE things:)

  1. Masking Fluid – can you tell me more about this? I am fairly new at bible journaling and haven’t heard of this before. Is there a video or site that demonstrates the use of this? Where do you purchase it?

    1. Hi Kathy:) Masking fluid is a removable, colorless liquid used to mask areas of work. It is a “latex” so it is important to use fairly quickly so that you can rinse your brush before it dries. Once it is dry to your “touch” you can begin applying color over it. When you are ready, simply rub lightly with your finger to remove. Below is an example of where I brushed on the word “loved” with masking fluid, applied paint over the top, then rubbed off the dried masking fluid to reveal the word underneath. https://1arthouse.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/bajmixedmediaprojectlifecardslovedsue-carroll.jpg
      I was worried it might tear my delicate Bible pages, but used it and had no problem:) You can find it at local craft stores, online, and even Walmart! Let me know if you have any other questions:) Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. First of all, THANK YOU for your generosity in sharing with us your techniques – your “doodle teaching” is so fun! I absolutely love your style and the depth of meaning in your journaling. I often see colors in your backgrounds which are soft and fading from one shade to the next. Which product is your favorite for doing that? Thank you again for helping facilitate this form of worship 🙂

    1. Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement! So thoughtful:) I often use watercolor:) My favorite (for both color and “travel size”) is KOI pocket field set. Bless you!!! Happy Doodling:)

  3. I cannot even begin to tell you how enamored I am with all this Bible art Journaling I’m seeing. I have way way too may questions….but here is one that has me totally baffled…..how on earth can you use watercolor on so very thin of Bible pages?
    Also I find myself migrating to larger print, not the smaller print of the 2 inch wide Bibles I see used in art journaling. Just yesterday I was in a store looked at the SUPER GIANT PRINT 16.5 font Zondervan NIV! lol……what mediums would YOU use if every time you drew in your Bible you were going over the actual words, not in a margin?
    Whew…thanks…..I hope I can get back to this link to see your answers!
    Thrilled with your “offerings!” (pun intended! YOU GO, GOD GIRL!

    1. Hi Marilyn! I’m with you about being enamored with all the beautiful Bible journaling out there! So glad you stopped by and took the time to read and connect with me! To answer your question about what mediums I would use over text…watercolor is my favorite, although you can make any acrylic paint semi transparent by adding water:) There are beautiful chalks and vibrant pastels (a favorite of mine are pan pastels). You might also like Tombow Markers…they can be blended with water and are beautifully transparent:) Hope this info helps!! Feel free to ask more questions anytime. ENJOY your time with God’s word!!! xo

      1. sorry, I do want to ask more! ha! the pages seem so thin in Bibles, can’t imagine adding water to them with watercolor and the page not disintegrating, warping, spreading to the back side???? Thanks…..since I need large print (have found a 16.5 font Bible to buy) I will definitely be going over the text and no margins in THIS Bible! (Zondervan Super Giant Print turquoise cover! ahhhh!)

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