BAJ/Doodle/Wisdom/Sue Carroll

I’ve been working in my Proverbs Journible.  

It’s CRAZY how much pertinent truth lies in this incredible book.  Oh, if I could LIVE each day following just a portion of the wisdom that lies within these pages.

In Chapter 3, God’s word describes wisdom as she:)  After reading many commentaries, there seems to be more of a literary explanation for this…meaning Solomon was not truly defining wisdom as a female.

Sorry girls, we cannot use this to support our belief that we are the wiser gender:)

BAJ/Doodle/Wisdom/Sue Carroll

I love the imagery in this chapter…”She is the tree of life…By her the Lord founded the earth and by understanding He established the heavens…By His knowledge the deeps broke open and the clouds drop dew.”

Wisdom gives…

profit better than gold, long life, riches and honor, pleasantness, peace, blessing, life for your soul…”nothing you desire can compare with her.”

Years ago, God revealed to me the heart of Solomon…and since then, I have prayed for wisdom.  BUT, not just wisdom for the sake of knowledge, but as Solomon prayed…He desired wisdom for a specific purpose…TO BETTER LOVE HIS PEOPLE.  Solomon wanted to govern fairly…with a Godly compass of what was right… what was good and what was evil.

His heart was not seeking power, but the ability to righteously serve.  God honored that request, for that is the root of our Father’s heart.. LOVE.

And so it is seen in scripture…Solomon was the wisest King.

Consider praying for wisdom in order to better love YOUR people:)



4 thoughts on “Wisdom

  1. Love this insight Thanks for sharing. I shared it with a friend who is mentoring 24 young women this year. Just wanted you to know God used your words to minister to us. Blessings Bev

    1. Oh Beverley, thank you so much for taking the time to share that with me! It is such a HUGE “extra” blessing to know how God uses us specifically to bless others! It is always such a needed encouragement to me! I have such a heart for young women too! I have been spending time with a group since they were in 7/8th grade. They are now off to College! As a young girl, I so needed to hear truth…I made MANY mistakes that pulled me so far from God’s perfect plan for my life. Because of His rescue, I have been saved. (Saved also from myself!) “The next generation” grows up believing so many lies….they need faithful followers to come along side them- to love them towards the truth:) I am praying for those 24 young women and their mentors this morning . May God Bless them and the work they are doing! Much love

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