Bible Art Journaling Page/ Deuteronomy


I taught a Bible Art Journaling class last night…the final of a series of 3, with an amazingly talented group!  They all had so much to share with one another and it was a blessing to learn from them as well:)  Thank you Sisters of Hose Hose #4

Hose House:closeup

When we stop learning, we stop growing…

BAJ/Deuteronomy/Sue Carroll

Speaking of learning and growing…

“Circumcise therefore the foreskin of your heart, and be no longer stubborn.” Deut 10:16

In the KJV it says “be no more stiff-necked”

I can relate to both…I am stubborn and stiff necked!

BAJ/Deuteronomy/Sue Carroll

What a sweet reminder that if we turn from our stubbornness, (just turn our head in the slightest) we can see, that IN LOVE…our Father has SO MUCH more for us than what we plan out for ourselves.  This is a life long lesson I learn over and over.

Thank you Father for your Mercy and Grace.



The Rainbow Connection

BAJ:Andrew:Father'sday:Sue Carroll

I made this piece for my oldest Son for Father’s day. He and his wife follow hard after God.

Yesterday, my sweet “daughter in love” sent me a video that kept me in a “puddle” all day.

It was a video of my son, dancing and singing, with his just home from the NICU baby boy…

singing with all his heart “The Rainbow Connection.”

This song has taken on new meaning for me…

As I watch my son “do life” I see God’s promises

The Lord has blessed his obedience with fruit

He has blessed my son with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,gentleness, faithfulness, and self control.

He has blessed my son with wisdom, perseverance, and discernment.

He has blessed him with great joy…and in the Lord, he has found strength and refuge…drawing his wife and son under that umbrella.

This is what God promises to those who follow Christ.

Like the promise that comes with the RAINBOW…


I see proof of this each day…

He is his FATHER’S son:)

Feeling so grateful,


Journaling Page with Caran d’ache Neocolor II

BAJ/YoumakemeBrave/Sue Carroll

(You will find a little about the process of this journal page at the end of this post)

One of my favorite worship songs…
“You make me brave
You call me out beyond the shore into the waves
You make me brave
No fear can hinder now the love that made a way”

The lyrics of this song touch the hearts of millions because we can all relate to this struggle…

The struggle of once being paralyzed with fear.

Fear that prevents us from moving forward to the place that God Himself has prepared for us.

Amanda Cook shares her heart on writing this amazing worship song.

Hearing Amanda’s personal story deepens the connection to this beautiful song.

As we share our stories…we can see that we are all a part of the same story. God’s story.

The first step to my Journal page was to adhere some letter stickers and “paint” the word BRAVE using masking fluid.

BAJ/YoumakemeBrave/Sue Carroll

Next step is to add color:)

BAJ/YoumakemeBrave/Sue Carroll

Neocolor II are a favorite of mine.  You can use them wet or dry.

They can be applied like a crayon, but more often, I take a wet brush and pull color off the tip.

Below, I “colored” a stamp, then spritzed with a bit of water and stamped on the color.

BAJ/YoumakemeBrave/Sue Carroll

BAJ/YoumakemeBrave/Sue Carroll

Above, you can see how I “colored” with them like a crayon.  I then went back over each section with a brush loaded with water.  If you want to keep the areas from “bleeding” into one another, use a heat tool to dry between each area as you go.

BAJ/YoumakemeBrave/Sue Carroll

I added a few doodles and stamps along with a simple border.

Hope this inspires you to create today!



Doodle 101 / “J”


Good Morning!

Thought this Doodle was appropriate for this day of Worship:)

BAJ:Doodle101:Jesus:Sue Carroll


BAJ:Doodle101:Jesus:Sue Carroll


I changed the bottom of the J a bit to balance out the other letters.  To finish, I added a simple border and colored in the “frame” with a black brush pen.

In Him,


Rusted Mixed Media project

Happy Saturday!

Today I thought I would share another journaling card I worked on in the wee morning hours yesterday.  Creating rust is a favorite technique  of mine…especially when I want to give something a vintage feel.  With this card, I combined a “brighter” color palette with iron paint.

To see previous projects using “rusting powder” look HERE, HERE, or HERE

 BAJ:Rustedprojectlifecard:mixedmedia:Sue Carroll

BAJ:Projectlifecard:saved:Sue Carroll