Doodle 101 / a simple tree


When most of us think of the Holidays, we think about busyness.

I looked up the word, and here’s what I found.


the quality or condition of being busy.

lively but meaningless activity.
meaningless activity…hmmm…
I don’t know about you, but I must do a constant check with myself (involving the Holy Spirit)
in order to evaluate which busy activities are actually meaningless.  Things that will be “burned up in the fire.”  I want to take back the Holidays… to make sure that it is not me or my busyness that is looking to receive glory… but God…
and that in the process, my heart will be grateful & content.
I will tell myself…
Instead of worrying about a spotless house, a perfect pinterest meal, shopping for things I don’t need…put down the “broom” and go “just be” with your kids…your husband, your family.
Spend time with your Father in Heaven…He will give you the peace you are in search of…
It’s an easy catch phrase to say “I’m trying”  but Dr. Laura Schlessinger would say that means nothing… It’s a statement that allows for great error and/or excuse.
Just do it:)
Nike was really on to something!
Bless you!

2 thoughts on “Doodle 101 / a simple tree

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