Still on a big learning curve:)

Doodle101snowmanrevised/Sue Carroll

I know it’s rather silly, but I’m a girl who loves the details!  In trying to master my new toy (wacom tablet) there are many things I want to do, and can’t…and things I don’t want to do, and do!  (reminds me of a guy named Paul:) )  Anyway, I wanted to add white to the black heart and had problems figuring out the “layers.”  As my husband suggests, I am a dog with a bone, and I couldn’t leave it alone!  It’s the little victories ladies:)

Happy Thursday!

6 thoughts on “Still on a big learning curve:)

  1. Hi Sue! I LOVE your doodle 101s!!! Thank you so much for sharing “how to” with them!!!
    I also have a wacom tablet. What app do you use to draw in?
    Thanks for the help! Julie

    1. Thanks so much Julie! In order to keep costs low (monthly fee for illustrator) I have been using Pixelmator (can be purchased) I am clawing and scratching my way through. I have new challenges every day, but I am also learning new tricks. It takes time and practice:) Hope that helps Julie!

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