Doodle 101 / Piano


Those of you who are following my blog, may have read that my “Mother-in love” has recently gone home to be with the Lord.

One lasting memory that we all share, is her love for music.  What a joy to watch her sit and play the piano…it never mattered that the songs were always the same, that she missed a few keys & added some extra… or that eventually (due to her arthritis) she no longer could play…She simply installed a player piano…& her songs played on…in everyone’s hearts.

When the grandkids were little, she would sit them on her lap, and teach them songs like “I can wash the dishes, I can sweep the floor, I can kiss the pretty girls behind the kitchen door.”

Later, she would thrill and grin from ear to ear just to hear them play or sing a song.

She always had a smile on her face, and a song in her heart.

I love you Mom.

6 thoughts on “Doodle 101 / Piano

  1. What a sweet memory to treasure. You have been blessed indeed with a mother “in love.” May God send you His peace and comfort as you ponder her impact on your lives.

  2. Makes me think of my precious grandmother who always sang to us, her grandchildren. I her last days on earth where she was not quite herself, I would sing those songs to her and she would just light up. I miss her so, especially here at Christmas. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Lara, Thank you so very much for sharing your heart and the memories of your Grandmother. What a blessing SHE had in you:) We are so privileged to experience such love. xo

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