Doodle 101/ Tea


I recently read an article about Abiding in Christ in which the writer referred to 2 different kinds of tea drinkers…the “Dippers & the Abiders.”

Dippers are in a hurry, and dip their tea bag repeatedly for several seconds, and then discard it.  They are in a hurry to get their tea and move on.

Abiders, put their tea bag in the cup and let it steep…waiting for the full development of flavor.

I happen to love tea &  I am definitely one who likes a strong cup. This analogy will be a constant reminder to me to STEEP… remembering not to “grab” a quick word, but to rest in it…listening to the Holy Spirit so that I don’t miss the full development of  “flavor”…within God’s perfect revelation.

Ps. Here is a link to the article I mentioned!


6 thoughts on “Doodle 101/ Tea

    1. Karen, start with a simple shape. (square or short rectangle)
      If you need a jumping off point, you could even find a square shaped object around the house (like a small box or food container) and trace it with pencil. For the cup, use an object shaped like a circle to “shave off” the bottom corners of the square, making them round for the teacup.

      For the tea bag, do a similar process, but “cut off” the top corners with a straight line, instead of a rounded line. Does that make sense to you? Practice with a pencil, erasing what you don’t like, until your happy with it, then go over your drawing with permanent ink pen, erasing all the pencil lines when the ink is dry:) Hope that helps!! Let me know if you need more instructions! Bless you!

    1. Thanks so much Tracy! I just love it when sweet sisters like you take the time to connect with me!! I LOVE to see others succeed! thanks for sharing your heart with me. xo

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