Doodle 101 Praying…pleading


God’s POWER is made perfect in our weakness.

We have been brought up to BE STRONG….not weak.  No wonder we find it hard to surrender.

God has something for us in every circumstance, so while we are praying for  “it” to leave us we are MISSING the very “thing” God longs to do within us…the blessing that seems so “disguised”.  We want to tell God what we need, when duh, He already knows:)

Contentment comes from the assurance that our God and Creator is ALL we need.  He is sufficient.

It is only there, with Him (through His Grace), that we can ACTUALLY BOAST of our weakness…so that CHRIST’S power will be “upon us.”

-in surrender we FIND and can UTILIZE HIS POWER…instead of trying so hard and failing in our own.

May we LEARN what it means to be content in Christ…that is becomes a reflection in our prayers…that we would not ask for God to take us from our circumstance, but that He would reveal Himself within it.



10 thoughts on “Doodle 101 Praying…pleading

  1. I love the last part…”that He would reveal Himself within it…”. This is true and I will reframe the way I pray and perceive problems from now on…Thank you!

    1. God is so good to reveal Himself when we look for Him with a sincere heart! That is what you have done, and He has blessed you with His love and truth. Thanks so much for sharing your heart and process with me!!! xoxo

  2. ♥ God gave you a wonderful gift…such a blessing & what a blessing you are to share all your “blessings” with us…a heart♥felt thank*you!!! i soo enjoy these…hugz & blessings ♥vikki♥

    1. Thanks so much!! WELCOME to this wonderful way of expressing worship and creating memorials of His truth and provision in our lives! Bless you!!! Keep in touch:)

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