Doodle101 / The Rooster


The enemy likes to haunt us with our past, but the “stains there, do not disqualify us from sharing the living hope of Jesus.”  (-Lisa Harper)

We may go back to those feelings of shame and guilt but our Savior lifts our chin to look UP…that we might see the bigger picture…that we would see Him.

Christ knew then, what He knows now…we make mistakes…sometimes we even deny His name (putting our own before His) but He LOVES us through it.

As a sinner who has been saved, you & I  have been called to proclaim the hope that set us free.

Praying that the Lord would cause your eyes to look up.



6 thoughts on “Doodle101 / The Rooster

  1. OH Sue! The rooster makes me think of my dad…. he was a woodworker and when the effects of Alzheimer’s was taking a firm grip, he spent endless days making wooden rooster note holders – although they required intricate cuts with a saw, the repetitive nature allowed him to remain somewhat independent. My dad passed in 2014, but I still have HUNDREDS of his roosters (when he worried he had too many, a neighbor would take them & passed them on to me!) – hopefully this year God will help me share them in a special way!

    1. Thank you for sharing such a precious memory with me Celeta! How wonderful that you Dad had something He loved to do and could still do it! I am so sorry for your loss. It’s so hard…we miss the ones we love. I sure would enjoy seeing a photo of some of them!! How sweet that you two shared creative “bones.” Love that:) Thanks again for sharing!! Sending you a BIG Hug!!! xoxo

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