Doodle 101 / Hummingbird


This is for Deborah Cole who asked if I would do a Doodle 101 / Hummingbird.  I learned so much, I am grateful to connect with so many Sisters in Christ who hunger and thirst…& “feed” like the Hummingbird.

Thank you Deborah for teaching me about “The Shema!”

“God told His people to repeat the Shema “Hear O Israel, the LORD is one, love Him with all your heart mind strength… etc.many times a day – just like a hummingbird, coming to the feeder 5x an hour due to high use of energy but small calorie storage space.” – Deborah Cole

I also read further about the Hummingbird…

“Obtaining the food needed to live from day to day is a fundamental part of life for birds. Imagine small hummingbirds discovering a large amount of food in one place, such as a feeder.  (God’s word is our miraculous FEEDER!) For them a feeder is supernatural. (I’m not making this up! These Ph.D’s actually wrote that!!!) Within a very short time at a feeder, a small, hungry hummingbird can solve its immediate requirements for food.

The very size of hummingbirds makes their survival an even bigger adventure. Hummingbirds must eat more than their weight in food each day, and they fulfill this need by eating often. Because their survival depends critically on eating frequently more than any other animal – they continually face the danger of starving.”

(So do we!!!!!!)

by Reed Hainsworth, Ph.D. and Larry Wolf, Ph.D.

Can I just say WOW!  I will NEVER look at the Hummingbird in the same way.  I cannot wait to put this Doodle onto the pages of my FEEDER (Bible) so that I will be reminded of the need to return to it over and over throughout my day!  It is the source of all we need…no matter WHAT we are facing…Proclaim, THE LORD IS MY GOD! He meets us there in our praise!

Thanks again Deborah, I am so humbled by your request and thankful for the lesson I have learned!

I hope this resonates with all of you as much as it did with me!


Thank you Father.

Blessings,PM:signaturePs.  I saw a similar Hummingbird on the internet somewhere and I cannot remember the source!!!  My apologies!

13 thoughts on “Doodle 101 / Hummingbird

  1. ♥♥♥love♥ this! my hubs calls me a hummingbird coz i flit around here doing soo many things…& jis this morn read a ‘lil note that said birds help each other with broken wings…thank*U again for a beautiful blessing! hugz,♥vikki…ps i am putting these into a file on the computer…the ones u have emailed…i signed up a bit later after the first of the year…was wondering when u have the time could u send to me the “abide” doodle & note,via email…i love♥ the wording on that! i love how the Lord speaks to you & you pass it on…again thank*U…hugs & blessings♥vikki♥

    1. Thanks Hummingbird Vikki! Could you private message me on FB with your email…I’m so bad with tech and I think it would take me too long to find you through the wordpress system:)

      1. oh how i understand the techie challenges! anything electronic is a challenge! i kno jus enuf to be dangerous…=) thanx sweets…will go to facebook now & pm you sweets! ♥

  2. Sue!
    This was a precious refreshing gift for my soul this morning! Loved hearing about the hummingbird and studying about the Shema!! I greatly enjoyed drawing one as well! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Heather! There is always something new for us to learn through God’s word, right?! It’s wonderful to connect with other believers…I am thankful Deborah took the time to teach me! God is so good. So nice to “meet you!” Blessings:)

  3. I love, love , love watching hummingbirds in my backyard. I am so reminded of how awesome God is when I see them. Thanks for the fun doodle. Marla


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