Where you go, I will go:)


As we continue to study the Virtue of Contentment, I am constantly reminded of the daily challenges so many of my Sisters in Christ are facing.

When you come together to grow deeper in your relationship with God and with others, walls begin to come down, lies the enemy uses to confuse are exposed, truth can be revealed and burdens can be shared.

It is a beautiful thing (a Christ like thing) to find that someone else wants to come along side you…not just in the good times, but through the REALLY HARD STUFF too.

I watch women, one after another, step up to be Ruth for another.

I’ve recently witnessed many who are coming along side someone they’ve just met.

God’s provision for us often comes through our neighbor’s hands and feet.

Oh, Ruth…you were so humble, so loyal…

one who put aside herself for the benefit of another.

I pray to be more like Ruth.

“I will go where you go”…even when it’s hard.



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