Doodle 101 / Control Tower

Doodle 101: Control Tower/Sue Carroll

“Most of us spend more time emphasizing our bodies and souls than our spirits.  We want to do what feels good, appeases our emotions, seems rational to our mind, and suits our will…with little thought to what the “control tower” is saying in us.  The Holy Spirit sees the WHOLE picture and may want to reveal something beyond what our physical senses can comprehend.

How do we begin focusing on the control tower within?  We begin our day surrendering ourselves to Him and asking Him to heighten our spiritual senses to see and hear Him throughout the day.  Then, as we do the mundane tasks that consume our lives, we purposefully turn our awareness inward and say, God, what do you think?”  – Priscilla Shirer (Discerning the Voice of God)

Listening…then moving in the direction God is leading us to go:)



7 thoughts on “Doodle 101 / Control Tower

  1. Hello Sue!
    I am older and have a late start at church! Bible journaling helps me remember what I am reading and yours has really inspired me, more than once! I shared at church and offered to present journaling to the ladies and was asked to present to AWANAs too! How timely your control tower is…. With your credit, may I share with a group at church?
    Thank you so much,

    1. ABSOLUTELY Patti! How WONDERFUL that you have been asked to present Journaling at your church!! I receive GREAT JOY knowing others are digging in to God’s word and finding HIM! I believe Journaling is a great catalyst for “steeping” in The Word. My desire is to help others by providing some basic “drawing tools” to get over the stumbling block of “not knowing where to start.” God bless your obedience! I am finishing a Bible Journaling Study on Contentment, that I have been using with groups in my home town. Keep in touch for more details soon:) & by all means, use any Doodle 101’s here on my blog! xo

  2. Sue, I have My Creative Bible and am enjoying the new experience of journalling. I have seen people draw on their pages but have not been comfortable with that thought. UNTIL..I saw your Doodles. I believe that 1. I could actually do that, and 2. it won’t bother me to put it over the words, because they will still be readable. Thank you for your inspiration and sharing your wonderful gift!

    1. Bonnie, thanks so much for taking the time to share your heart! I know others feel the same way:). God will surely bless you in your obedience to seek Him! Xo

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