Doodle 101 / Proverbs Woman


The above lyrics come from a song that was sung at my wedding.

At the age of 20, these words touched me deeply (and they still do)….I longed for this way of life, yet my selfish attempts to acquire it, brought me the opposite of all my desires.  Oh, what a very long time it would take for me to allow God to do the weeding required, to see beyond the forest of lies that had grown over my heart.

The lie that I’ll never be good enough.

The lie that I need to work harder to get others to love me, and even then, I can never do enough.

The lie that my husband could rescue me from myself, and my circumstances.

The lie that I was deserving

The lie that when people misunderstood me or hurt me, they meant to….because they didn’t love me.

Things said and done to me, became my identity…LIE



God meets all our needs beyond all expectations and beyond any measure.

Getting back to Proverbs…

For those of you who are married, (Or desire to be one day) I hope you will take a few minutes to listen to this song.

I think you’ll “experience” the sweet blessing it could BE, if we allowed The Lord to grow us towards this good purpose, as women of faith falling under our creator’s authority.

Instead of of constantly taking the wheel from my husband, Lord, please draw me to pray over him…

Remind me Father, that I am responsible for my own spiritual health…not my husbands.

Through Your power and love, I can be this Proverbs woman.

I know that you have created me to be his helpmate, and he is to be my protector, loving me as Christ loves the church.

Can it be in my surrender to you in this, you will bless our home with unity and joy, rooted in LOVE…

like nothing I can attain for myself?

Draw me to Yourself Lord, that You would be my first love.

Everything else will fall into place.


3 thoughts on “Doodle 101 / Proverbs Woman

  1. Can I just buy a book for myself to do this study? I haven’t heard back from Ms. Henson and I NEED to get into a women’s bible study group…. I’ll just follow on facebook with ya’ll. They don’t have bible study groups during the summer here?? I’m new to the area and I NEED TO DIG INTO THE WORD b/c this is a hard season…. way away from my friends and family and my babies!!! argggg

    1. Robin, I am waiting for a copy of my last revision and will send you a copy as soon as I can! You can try it out, and if you would be willing, you and I can discuss as you go. I would LOVE your constructive

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