11 thoughts on “What is Bible Art Journaling

  1. Absolutely LOVE everything about this Sue…. Your words are so true as art and His word become one. Would love to see the progress of your background. Beautiful!


  2. I’m interested in more information about this study but the email address on your site is not working for me. Could you please email me? Thanks!

    1. Hi Beverley! I am so sorry! I had my email address listed incorrectly! Could you look and try again? I can’t seem to find your email address:( I would love to answer any questions you might have:)

    1. Thanks so much for your interest Kim:)
      It is a 6 week study (5 weeks of homework & projects) on the Virtue of Contentment. The Workbook includes study sheets & weekly questions, along with, Doodle & Lettering pages.When you purchase the book (which will be available through Lu Lu Publishing in 2weeks) you will receive an access code for use through my blog, that will allow you to open support files, photos, and some videos. (I’m still working on those!)

      Support Files (PDF’s) include
      -Large Group/Small Group Tips
      -Leader Notes
      -First Class Outline
      -Supply List
      -Opening “Get to Know You Game”. (Our Women’s Ministry love this game:) )
      -How to Use These Files
      -What is Bible Journalling
      -Resource List
      -WK 1 Lettering and Doodle Technique pages
      -Weekly Projects

      The group class is structured so that the 1st hour is spent in small table groups discussing study questions from the previous week, and the 2nd hour is spent learning techniques (through handouts) and beginning the week’s project. (to be completed at home)

      What a Few have Said about the class…

      “The Bible Journaling class exceeded my expectations. I was afraid I wouldn’t do very well as I have very little artistic ability. However, Sue made the projects so delightfully simple by providing easy to follow steps and she even let us trace her creations! Because grace was extended and we were told our work “didn’t have to be perfect”, I was able to focus on seeing scripture come alive through simply beautiful professional designs recreated by this aspiring amateur.” -Paula Bussard

      “Bible Journaling has sparked a new fire and desire to be in the Word! I felt like I was in a rut with my quiet time and this has brought new life to my time with the Lord. Deeper focus on Scripture, praise and worship while I am working on what the Lord has brought to mind. I’ve struggled with being content in all circumstances and through this study I continue to see the love of God and the grace of our heavenly Father go beyond any of my circumstances. I’ve also met and become friends with some pretty amazing women that I may never have met if it weren’t for this study! Thank you!” -Amy Mitchell

      My hearts desire is to see women come together to “practice the presence of God.” I believe this journey of faith is meant to shared with others as we encourage and sharpen one another.

      This study can also be done individually:)

      It is a great JOY for me to meet others who are seeking the Lord and I am honored that you have inquired!

      If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask:)

      Bless you,


  3. Hi, Sue. I love your journaling designs. God has given you a beautiful gift! I wondered if you could share what supplies/techniques you use for color on your pages. Thanks for sharing!

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