Doodle 101 / Umbrella


Even when it’s sunny, it can feel like rain…circumstances can bring about a storm that feels like it’s coming from the inside out… But, we can know that there is a home in our hearts for Christ to dwell & our circumstances don’t change our God, but He can change us…starting with our hearts.

Some days we may need to take cover…and our God will be our refuge.  It’s His promise and He has been and will always be faithful.


Bless you,


2 thoughts on “Doodle 101 / Umbrella

    1. That would be awesome Cathy! I’m going to be praying about that. I have to tell you sweet girl, that my heart’s desire is to see women meeting face to face. It’s not that God won’t ABSOLUTELY bless ANY group of women who are intentionally coming together to study His word and practice obedience…I just know that physically “gathering together” in His name provides accountability and personal connection and “touch” that a computer never can. Have you thought about hosting one in your home or church? PLEASE don’t feel I’m discouraging you from this…I have a good friend who cannot leave her home much, and online community is her lifeline! I don’t know what your life circumstances are, but I want you to know that I really will be praying about this and ask you to join me:). Maybe we can “ask” around! Bless you Cathy, for seeking the Lord in obedience. I’m hear to help! Xoxox

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