5 thoughts on “Free Dowloadable Font:)

  1. Hi Sue, Thank you for your free font. It must be fun to work on something like this and watch it come to completion. Would you please tell me what “system” you follow for what appears to be the whole bible study in a year? I really am interested. We have our Episcopal lectionary study that takes us through the year. I’ve thought about using that, but I am still wanting to see what is out there. Happy creating!

  2. Can you please resend. When I opened this is was blank on my end.ThanksSuzanne 

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  3. Hi Donna! It’s so nice to “meet” you:). The Book that I have written is a 6 week Bible Journaling Study on Contentment. It comes with support files for weekly meetings, projects, helpful tips and more. If you would like more information I’m happy to connect with through email or phone. My email address is 1arthouse.com.gmail.com.

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