12 thoughts on “Free Downloadable Font

  1. Love the new fonts and Scripture keyring tags. I’m putting the latter to good use and blessing others. Thanks, Sue!

  2. Speaking of new fonts, do you take requests? I would REALLY like to have a font that is close to your artistic handwriting style, Sue.It would be awesome to ‘write’ beautiful handwritten looking notes on my computer and there is nobody’s handwriting that I like nearly as much as yours!

    1. My biggest hurdle is getting over the tech issues with creating a connecting font. It’s much more difficult and requires precise measuring and an understanding of a program I’m not familiar with…someday I hope! Thank you for the encouragement dear one:”)

  3. Is this font only for ipads? I want to use it on my computer. I don’t know what to do with it once I hit download. On my computer, where do I put it?

  4. Love the new font! Is it only for personal use, or is small commercial use (with credit to you as the creator of course) allowed? For example, I have an education shop at Teachers Pay Teachers and I’d love to use your font. Thanks for considering!

    1. Melody, I love to share with others, and I’m so glad you like the font! It brings me such joy to come along side others to encourage and teach! It is never about the money for me, and I do not use my blog to generate income. (Though I do promote my Bible Study Book). If I’m giving something away for free, I don’t think it’s fair to sell that same thing. If you’d like to share it with other teachers I’m all for that! Hope you understand:)

  5. Thank you so much for the time all of these fonts must have taken. What a blessing, they are so fun! Hoping to download them all today. Enjoy your week!

  6. Thank you, Sweet Sue, for sharing your talents with us and for making it so easy to use your things. You are such a blessing!!!

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