Basic Journaling Supplies

I thought I’d post a pic of my go to Journaling tools.  Hope it is helpful!


The classes I teach begin working OUTSIDE a Bible.

It’s confidence building to work in a separate journal…gets your feet wet:)

I often work in a journal first before I decide it’s something I want to transfer to the pages of my Bible.  Everyone has a different process…find what your most comfortable with:)



9 thoughts on “Basic Journaling Supplies

    1. I buy Koi watercolor on Amazon- they offer several different sizes , I pick up micron pens at Hobby Lobby . Oh and you can find water brushes at craft stores or order online. Koi field set comes with one! Hope that helps!

  1. Ordered Virtue Bible Study. Can’t wait. Do you have a certain process you use to transfer from journal to Bible? Or do you just draw it again?
    Thank you 👍

    1. Great question Sara! Sometimes, if it is the right size, I will trace the main outline with a pencil and go from there. It may seem a bit tedious to “re-do” a piece, but honestly, it’s great practice. Doing it this way helps get the initial placement right the first time:). You can also trace an original piece onto vellum and insert that into your Bible. Hope that helps!! Always available for questions! Xo

  2. I have all of these except the knead eraser, but I just found Pentel mechanical pencils at Costco the are a number 7 but have a twist white soft eraser that’s like an inch long I’m really loving it. I own Koi watercolored but have old Pentel watercolor in metal tubes I love more than Koi but both are bright juicy colors.

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