Just Keep Swimming! A Journal for recording the trail God leaves to lead us home

A very sweet friend of mine who is in the midst of terrible strife…told me about her connection with God’s provision and the shells He left for her on the beach.

The connection originated with Dory:)

See this previous post!


Dory was the inspiration for this 30 day Journal.

Just Keep Swimming is a 30 day Gratitude Journal designed to “Collect” and “Keep” a memorial of God’s provision in your life. In the movie “Finding Dory,” her parents leave a trail of shells to lead forgetful Dory back home. God does something similar for us. Though we can be like Dory, forgetting His sovereignty and authority in our lives, the Lord reminds us of His goodness and faithfulness as He provides our every need. Often, through unexpected blessings, He leads us Home. There are sections to record His daily provision, (shells) the story behind it, (God loves a GOOD STORY!) the Biblical Application along with room for specific prayers. If someday you loose your way, open your journal and remember where you’ve been and what God has done in your life. His Loving and Constant desire is to lead us HOME. Follow the Shells:)

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Just Keep Swimming!



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