PRE-STUDY/ ABIDE/ ..remain, encamp, dwell, wait….

Abide/ Sue Carroll

This is our focus for the next 6 weeks!

Welcome to all of you beautiful new friends who have purchased “The Virtue of Contentment : A Bible Journaling Study!”  Check in daily both here and our FB group page for information, encouragement, and sharing!

Let’s commit to encourage one another daily as we commit to obedience.

God will bless you with His presence as you surrender your will to His.

One more PRESTUDY exercise tomorrow, then on Monday we will begin to dig in!

If you don’t have your book yet, you can work in your journal until you receive it!

Make sure you’ve checked the support files, including the supply list:)

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me by email at



5 thoughts on “PRE-STUDY/ ABIDE/ ..remain, encamp, dwell, wait….

      1. Oh my! I totally overlooked this. 😦 Sorry! So a little about me…I’m the wife of a Pastor, five kiddos and HR Consultant. I’m very left brained but I started bible journaling last year. Your blog has helped me tremendously because while I can’t create original work very well, I find it refreshing to re-create because it takes my mind off the process and onto the purpose. Your posts on contentment have been a blessing for me as I have been going through a rough period but I’m focusing on what I’m learning and most of all, that is to abide, trust and be content. Thanks again for your blog!

  1. Wow Nikki! You are a busy girl. It is refreshing to know, that even with such a full schedule, you are making your time with God a priority! Praying this morning for whatever you are going through, knowing that you have a helpmate with you at all times. I am encouraging to pray and seek one whom the Lord will place in your life to POUR into you…someone who is a few steps ahead in maturity…we ALL need this kind of spiritual Sister to walk with. I am sure that so much of your time is spent being that person for others. Bless you Nikki!! Xo

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