The Virtue of Contentment / WK 4 / Day 4

Week 4 / Day 4


We strive for it.  We can fall under “it’s authority.”  Can’t we?

Sisters, this happens in the most subtle of ways…

We compare ourselves to others…defining our “worth” according to our “view” of “measuring up.”

We walk into a room full of women, and it’s the first thing we do, isn’t it?

The Lord has more important things for us to do!  He has purpose for us in each day.  Things to learn, people to serve, glory to proclaim in His name.  Instead of walking into a room of women with the purpose of serving, we walk in with an expectation of receiving our worth.

I lived many many years in this place, and if I’m honest, I still struggle with it.  Am I “hip” enough, thin enough, accomplished enough, smart enough….ENOUGH ENOUGH ENOUGH!

We have bought into this idea of attaining perfection from “the world.”

The thing is, for those who are “in Christ” we are one with Him, as He is one with the Father.  (John 17) Within this truth lies our worth.  It will never come from what the world says we are, but what God says we are.

…and we are His❤️

I thought so much about all of this after spending some “live chat” time with my online Bible Study Sisters.  Even within this process of Bible Journaling we compare ourselves…our work, our heart, our art.

I know, it’s hard not to.  This is what drives me to produce Doodle 101’s.  I don’t want the enemy to trip you up because you “can’t create” a picture of what the Lord is teaching you.  Many have a desire to create, but feel they don’t know how…so they don’t want to try or after trying, feel they don’t “measure up.”

The truth is, it’s not for the world that we spend time in this place of study, fellowship and creative process with the Lord.  It is to GROW in our relationship with Him.  It is to surrender our will to His will, falling under His Sovereignty, to recognize our need AND our inheritance as we listen…as we get still.

Yes, it is a treat to create something beautiful that we can look at to remember this place where our GOD met with us.  But “BEAUTY is in the eye of the BEHOLDER…”

God ALWAYS sees His children as BEAUTIFUL. Remember,  He created us with His own hands, and HE has created YOU in HIS image, with a unique “fingerprint” all your own! He didn’t create us to be cookie cutters:)

I LOVE to see others create in ways that I wouldn’t even consider.  We ALL have a unique perspective, and I SEE this as BEAUTIFUL every time.

So, to end this post, I re-created the “thickening process” in a Doodle 101 with the hope that you will see how SIMPLE HAND LETTERING can be transformed by adding elements that require NO ARTISTIC SKILL.

But, wait…when you are finished…you WILL have created art…that is BEAUTIFUL…to the “EYE OF THE BEHOLDER.”

Know you are LOVED.

& remember, that “PERFECTIONISM” can rule you, and steal your joy! (Contentment)


The Virtue of Contentment/ WK4/ DAY 4/ Sue Carroll

The Virtue of Contentment/ WK4/ DAY 4/ Sue Carroll

I adore you:)






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