Doodle 101 / Ephesians 1 / In Christ, I am…..

One of my favorite passages in Scripture is Ephesians Chapter 1.  I have doodled quite a lot on these verses…here is one more!


Doodle 101 / In Christ I am / Sue Carroll

I cling to these promises with great hope and assurance.  In Christ we all have an inheritance within the Kingdom of God.  We are daughter’s of the King…

we are “sealed with the promised Holy Spirit who is the guarantee of our inheritance until we acquire possession of it, to the praise of His glory.” Ephesians 1

You are loved

You are chosen

You are holy

You are blameless

You are blessed

You are adopted

You are forgiven

You are Redeemed


I will remind you of these things as often as I am able!



I’ve been a busy girl! (Aren’t we all?) I’ve missed “hanging out with you here!”

After a WONDERFUL trip to Washington State for a Bible Journaling Conference, I had a few hours on the plane coming home to just



Above all else/Sue Carroll

Our hearts need guarding.  We give them to people and things that don’t treasure and protect them.  The Lord’s peace will guard your heart. (Phil 4:7) I love that He protects us with His PEACE… WE ALL NEED SOME OF THAT.

If we do not entrust our hearts to Him, they will be broken…divided…in pieces, not whole. Give your heart to the Lord…He will treasure it, protect it, restore it…He will heal your wounds and replace them with Love.  Go to Him.

If we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. -James 4:8

If we place all of  our expectations on the Lord, we will never be disappointed.

Much love,




Bible Journaling Conference THIS WEEKEND!

I can’t wait to meet all my new friends in Washington!  If you live nearby, I hope you’ll join us for this great Bible Journaling Day!

We will be using my Bible Journaling Study: The Virtue of Contentment to learn the basics of lettering, doodles, journaling, & more!

Everyone will receive my book, along with lots of extra goodies! Lunch & Door prizes included!

You will also have time to shop our selection of supplies, including some of my latest art:)


Sat, September 24, 2016
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM


Hillspring Church
1153 Gage Boulevard
Richland, WA

Click on the Photo below to go to the EVENBRITE EVENT PAGE.

Hope to see you there!



If you decide to come, email me at and let me know you’re coming!!



November Calendar

Hi friends!

I had a request to add PNG files for the Monthly Journaling Calendars so here they are…PLUS November:)

Click on the first November to go to PDF file.

Journaling Calendar/NOV/ Sue Carroll/ png

PNG’s below:)

Journaling Calendar/NOV/ Sue Carroll/ png

Journaling Calendar/Oct/ Sue Carroll/ png

Journaling Calendar/Sept/ Sue Carroll/ png

Journaling Calendar/AUG/ Sue Carroll/ png




WK 5 / Contentment is a heart matter


As I have said before (& have done so myself repeatedly) we give our hearts away every day.  We give them to those who don’t properly care for them, we give them away to fleeting fancies, we give them away to anyone and anything that will have them…hoping, that we will receive something back…LOVE.

Disappointment comes fast.  Our great expectations not met. We are not aware or do not believe that our GOD is the only ONE who can be trusted to guard them against what we fear the most…our love returned void.

As we “rest” in the Lord, “His peace will guard our hearts.” (Ephesians 4:7) His peace, will open up the door to contentment in Him.  As we experience His goodness and His faithfulness through our obedience, our faith in our Father will grow. His peace will become our longing…what we come to know…and in it, we find contentment.

We must learn to give our hearts to the one who knows them…to the one who created them…to the one who protects them…and…loves them perfectly. Take the first step. He will meet you right there.

We love because He FIRST loved us.

BUT…our hearts need guarding…for unguarded, they are broken and wounded…empty.

As we commit ourselves to abiding in Christ, we will receive all we could ever hope for or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20)

That’s a GREAT return on our investments.

The ONLY sure thing to a NO FAIL INVESTMENT.

Let the Lord’s peace guard your heart…heal your heart, bind your heart to His:)

When “He is our portion” we find Contentment.

Free Coloring Page / outlining letters / Sue Carroll

Free Coloring Page / outlining letters / Sue Carroll


Free Coloring Page / outlining letters / Sue Carroll

In Him,