Believing Jesus starts with the Holy Spirit

I am privileged to study with a group of women who are hungry for the Bread of Life!  We NEED one another Sisters! I just can’t say it enough…Women’s Bible Study is my lifeline…the lifeboat in which the Lord rescued me.

We have just finished our 2nd week of study in “Believing Jesus” by Lisa Harper & Annie F. Downs…(WK 2 -Earth, Wind, and Celestial Fire)

As we looked at the scriptures Genesis 1:1-2 & Deuteronomy 32:10-1,

the word HOVER jumped off the pages as did the picture of the eagle, with its MIGHTY wings, spread out in protection over us.

A lovely Sister at my table (who shares such wisdom from the Lord) told our group this story…

A Mama Eagle spreads her wings of protection over her little ones.  When they are ready, she carries them out of the nest and lets go.

They do not yet know how to fly, and they hurl to the ground.

Just as they are about to hit the earth, she swoops in, underneath them, and “carries them aloft” —> Deut. 32:11.

Repeating this process until they can fly.

Our Father is a good Father…He allows us the freedom to try our wings….always present, always ready to lift us up above our circumstances, with a loving plan to save us from death.

“Jesus says the Holy Spirit will convict us in regards to three things.”

-He will convict the world of sin. (unbelief)

-He will guide us into ALL truth

-He will Glorify Christ (points us to The Savior)

-from “Believing Jesus” by Lisa Harper the & Annie F. Downs.

All the while, the Spirit of God HOVERS, and lives within us…protecting, guiding, and affirming Christ in our hearts. Always present.

I am picturing His MIGHTY wings around me…protecting, guiding, and swooping in to lift me up in truth…carrying me to the ONE who can save me, and give me wings to fly.

Doodle 101/HolySpirit/Hovering/SueCarroll


I am including a pdf file for “Ah-Ha Moment tags,”  that when cut, FIT RIGHT INSIDE YOUR BOOK. They are perfect to laminate for bookmarks or keyring tags.  If you are doing Lisa’s study, I hope you will find them helpful!

Click on photo for pdf

Free printable/ Ah-Ha Moment tags/ Sue Carroll




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