New York, Ireland, London, & Wales

I have not been doodling these past few weeks…instead, I have been in awe of God’s creative hand…on “the trip of a lifetime!”

OUr first stop was New York, with an 8 hour layover.  We decided to go to the 911 Memorial.  I can’t express the thoughts and feelings I had as we walked through that history…looking into the lives of heros lost…of innocents…loved ones who left their lives here on earth so tragically unexpected.  As I walked, I prayed for those who were left behind…that the Lord would comfort those in need, and continue to use this senseless tragedy for His glory in ways we may never understand.

Next stop, Ireland. Shannon, The Cliffs of Moher, Killarney, Kinsale, & Dingle.img_2600My husband & I have been traveling with good friends…how fortunate are we- to enjoy BOTH abundant fellowship with Brothers and Sisters & sites like we’ve never seen before. Breathtaking at every turn. Deep History with a rich heritage rooted in Christ.

I have to give BIG credit to my husband…the ultimate planner! He takes care of all the details and I just show up…how great is that? Pinch me, I must be sleeping…I’ve said this to myself over and over. Thank you dear husband!

Ireland won my heart.  Never have we met more grace filled people.  Absolutely “lovely.” And the scenery…words cannot describe the beauty.






Of course, there was golf:)


But we enjoyed great adventures of our own!


“Irish hair day.”


I’m ready…


I married into the family:)

Then my hubby and I were off to London and Wales…a bit of business mixed with a whole lot of pleasure.






Wales made me think of “Outlander.” Rolling vibrant green countryside with breathtaking views and herds of sheep and cattle:) Castles and quaint little villages everywhere!

We found ourselves driving down one lane roads (meant for two) but hardly possible! “GIVE WAY” were the signs of the day as we WATCHED OUT for runaway cattle traveling head on into our hood! My husband thought it was a GREAT adventure…unfortunately the rental car company had to add a new console onto our bill after they pulled my fingernails out:) Stay on the left, stay on the left, oh, no, too far left!!!!



Hard to leave this view this morning…headed back to Shannon, and then home:)

I am constantly reminded of how GRATEFUL I am.  We don’t know what day will be our last…we must see the beauty in each day we are given…

It hasn’t been too much of a challenge for me lately.

Give thanks/SueCarroll


Give thanks/color/SueCarroll




6 thoughts on “New York, Ireland, London, & Wales

  1. What an amazing trip. I’m so jealous! Did you happen to see any bearded collies out there herding sheep or cows? (My pups want to know)

    1. Hi Cheri! ❤️ I didn’t see any, but our driver told us all about them. He is friends with a guy who trains them. It’s a BIG deal! Wish I would have seen them!! xo

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