Help me go where I’m called:)

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God does not call us to go to places of comfort, He calls us to places we cannot endure without Him.

So many faithful men and women of the Bible give us encouragement in this truth.

Noah, Abraham, David, Jonathan, Esther, Jonah, Ruth & Paul to name just a few.

Even these “famous” followers had fear and doubt…yet, with the Lord’s help, they stepped into their purpose to do His great work.

I have found that it is often the short distances God asks us to travel that “trip” us up.

The distance between loving our neighbor as ourselves, or harder still…loving our enemy as ourselves.

As we finished this week’s study in “Believing Jesus” we took a closer look at those places we overlook.  Those we knowingly and unknowingly discriminate against.

Loving and supporting our family members who “seem unlovable” (as Ruth), loving a Jew as Roman soldier, loving a Roman soldier as a Jew (Cornelius & Peter)…showing a child their worth among men (as Jesus did), caring for those who have opposing views (“good Samaritan), loving a sinner who others shunned (Jesus & the Samarian at the well).

These are the places we tend to pass by, ignoring the Holy Spirit’s prompting because it might be too uncomfortable.

Like Isaiah, I want to be willing enough to say, “Lord, send me” and then go…to whomever He calls me to love.

Without the Lord’s provision this is impossible for our human heart.

God, please give me your heart to love your people…and the obedience to act…daily.

Doodle101/Send me/Sue Carroll





10 thoughts on “Help me go where I’m called:)

  1. Sue
    Thank you for sharing your gifts. Your artwork is inspiring to this novice Bible “journaler” . And your messages encourage me to dig in deeper to God’s Word.

  2. Hi sue… can I ask… if having my group use this doodle tech, would u have then paint it or use colored pencils? It’s so darling. Also, do u have lettering templates? Idlove any tips. My next class is late November!! Love it!! ❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕💕💕 also, if love to hire you to give a Skype phone call and add anything you’d like so the ladies can meet the artist behind it all!!! Even if you wanted to say hello and pray!! That would be so cool!! These ladies are awesome!!! Xoxo

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  3. Hi Sue! I really miss our Bible Journaling study! Thank you so much for leading us and giving us ideas to go off on our own and try! I just had to comment on this post: my husband came home last Thursday and told me he has a job offer in Cincinnati. The Lord moved us from friends and family in the SAN Diego area, and now after 6 years He may be moving us on from Phoenix to Ohio. We are praying and asking for open doors if this is His will, slammed, shut tight doors if not! This was like a postcard from God to me – all is well, just be open to the Lord’s leading. We are not spring chickens any more, so while this is exciting, it’s a bit terrifying to me! Thank you for sharing! Jan Weber

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    1. Hi Jan! I miss “meeting” with our group too! Thanks for sharing your story with me! Our Father is so good to lead and encourage us, when we choose to listen:)

    2. Hi Jan! So great to hear from you! Thank you for sharing your story with me! Doesn’t it always surprise us when God speaks to our hearts with encouragement, wisdom, and direction?! How awesome that you are listening and willing to go where He sends you!!! PLEASE let me know if you come to Cincy!!! I’d love to see you:) Praying for God to give you both clarity! Xo

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