January Calendar (Free printable journaling calendar)

January Calendar / Sue Carroll

January Calendar / Sue Carroll  <—Click for PDF , click pic above for png.

So sorry for the delay !  I know that some of you have been using my calendars to journal.

(See this post https://1arthouse.wordpress.com/2016/09/08/printable-calendar-ideas-by-eden/) LOVE your journaling Eden!

I’m a bit technically challenged (to put it mildly!) and I was “locked out” of my IPad😔

I had to take it on over to the AMAZING people at “Simply Mac.”  (They have been such a great resource with a very helpful and knowledgeable staff!) Unfortunately, they were unable to “unlock the door” and had to WIPE my IPad clean.  I lost ALL OF MY ART FILES! 🙄 😢😪😓😥🤧

Thanks to Susan Pedroza for reminding me to get the January calendar out!!! I needed to start from scratch, so hopefully it’s close enough to the original, if you are keeping them together in a binder!

To download previous months click here—–>https://1arthouse.wordpress.com/monthly-journaling-calendars/

I will get February and March out soon!

Happy Friday!




Doodle 101 / All Things New

Doodle 101 / All things new/Sue Carroll

Doodle 101 / All things new/Sue Carroll

doodle101allthingsnew   <—Click for PDF

I CLING to this verse…since the day of my rebirth.

Though our tendency is to look back, our Father does not.

I admit that I am glad to look back at times…it reminds me where I’ve been, and the rescue mission God made for me.

Happy NEW year!  In Christ each day is new.




Doodle 101 / Whose Birthday is it Anyway?


Click below for pdf


A favorite story I like to tell to my “kids” at church is this…

There once was a boy named Billy.  He was SOOOO excited for his birthday party and invited all of his friends from school.

The day of the party arrived, and Billy sat by his front window, waiting with great anticipation.

One by one, each of his friends walked towards his house with a beautifully wrapped gift…but as he waited to greet them, the doorbell never rang.

Puzzled, he ran back to the window to find that each of his friends walked right by his house, without stopping to even glance his way.

Where were they going? Why did they carry a gift if not for him?

Billy sat an waited all afternoon, but not one friend came to celebrate his birthday with him. He realized that it wasn’t the gifts he didn’t receive that made him sad, it was watching his friends pass by his house without even a thought…that broke his heart.

This Christmas…Whose Birthday is it anyway? Might Jesus feel like Billy, as He watches us celebrate with each other without even glancing His way?

Celebrate Jesus Birthday this Christmas.

Give Him EVERY glance…

in the way that you share

in the way that you serve

love others in His name

extend the gift He gave to you:)

I had buttons made for all our “kid’s church” leaders to wear, and I get them out and put one on to this day!  I am always in need of this reminder!



Bless you,