Studying the Fruits of the Spirit

Journalingpages/FRUITOFTHESPIRIT/SueCarrollHappy New Year!

So much is happening in my “neck of the woods.”   The Women at my church are preparing to host our ANNUAL WOMEN’S CONFERENCE featuring Lisa Harper! 

If you haven’t had the opportunity to sit under her teaching, I highly recommend you check her out! You can purchase her studies & watch clips of her teaching at life or catch her on YouTube.

I will be teaching a bit of journaling during our conference.  (Excited 🤗)

The subject of my “conference talk” is Abiding.

One of my daily goals is to practice ABIDING.  As we abide in Christ, we move in the direction the Lord has for us to go.  Abiding in Christ produces good fruit.  They are a by product of our obedience.

I cannot be reminded enough of my need to DWELL in Him daily.

So… at the start of this new year, my focus is just that!

I will be posting some of my pages throughout this 12 day study on “THE FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT.”

Below you can click on the pics to download your own PDF files, for these free journaling pages and bookmark.

The BOOKMARK is a study card for the 3, 2, 1 Method of Study.

The “Fruits of the Spirit” study itself, can be found at

You can also download their app for your phone!

(This is a 12 DAY STUDY.)

 Because it is short, I may take a few days for each of the study’s ONE DAY of material. We’ll see how it goes together!

If you join me on this journey, I’d love to hear from you as you study!

I’m also available for questions, should you have any about the process!




My first day of notes is below.




January Calendar/Sue Carroll

Calendar can be found here——>

A HUGE THANKS TO Raechel Myers and Amanda Bible Williams and their whole team at SHE READS TRUTH!

What an amazing resource for us all! 





13 thoughts on “Studying the Fruits of the Spirit

  1. love this so much…..but I’m trying to study John in both Sunday school and women’s you have something on John that I could use ??

  2. Sounds great, Sue! I used “Dwell” for my OneWord last year; this year it’s “Breathe”. Blessings on you and everyone you love.

  3. Is this going to be the 321 method e everyday, so should I go ahead and make multiple copy’s of the fill-in pages?

  4. Love your notes pages, will you be posting your notes for each day? My daughter is 13 and we are using this as part of our homeschool lessons. Thanks so much for your beautiful art.

    1. Hi Michele! How COOL that you are using this for homeschool lessons! ❤❤❤ I have not posted my notes from each day, thinking that it might be distracting for some.-although I know I have posted a few! When I feel led to share them, I put them out there:). Did you know that I created the same note pages (to be filled in) and you can download them anytime?! hugs! Sue

      1. I sure did see those and we have printed them and are using them. They are gorgeous. Can I possibly get your notes for other days through email if you are not planning on posting them? It really helps my daughter. Thanks so much.

      2. Michele, so sorry for the delayed response! I am out of town and will be for another week. I do not have those note pages with me. I do want to encourage your sweet daughter in her study…I would say to her… trust what the Holy Spirit reveals to your heart. He has revelation for you specifically, right where you are… He will open your eyes to what you need and it will be different than what He reveals to someone else. It may be a specific word that leads you to repentance, or a picture in your mind of a specific task He is calling you to do. Maybe it is just a reassurance of who you are or WHOSE you are…a promise He wants you to claim and live. Listening is so hard for us all…but, this is the purpose of the 3,2,1 method of study. To train our hearts to be better listeners…and then to do what God is telling us to do. In our obedience, God meets us and blesses us. You are so far ahead of where I was at your age…God has surely set you apart to do great work. It is a sweet blessing to me to know you are using my sheets…May God draw you to Himself and give you confidence in the purpose He has created you for! Sending you and your Mom a BIG hug!!!

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