The Enemy’s Strategies by Priscilla Shirer

WHen we know what we’re up against…we can stand up and fight with The Lord’s Strategy!

The Enemy’s Strategies by Priscilla Shirer/ Illustrated by Sue Carroll

Click on the image above to print off a copy…post it somewhere you will see it everyday…a reminder of the fight that in Christ, you have already won!

God Bless You!


6 thoughts on “The Enemy’s Strategies by Priscilla Shirer

  1. Good morning Sue,

    Wow this is informative, inspirational, and beautiful! Thank you so very much for sharing with us.

    ~ Ame

    *Ame Groff, Owner*

    *Pages In Time*16 E 28th Division Hwy Lititz, PA 17543 *”Celebrating Life with scrapbooks and more”* *Phone: 717.625.4455*

  2. Hi there, could I post this at some point in the future on our Priscilla Shirer Live Toronto Facebook page? I’d give you credit! I manage the social media for Priscilla’s tour to Toronto in October 2017. Thanks in advance for your reply! 😀

  3. This graphic is so beautiful!! Our pastor preached this past week about how vital it is we wear the armor of God. I’ve been searching for a graphic that speaks to women in truth, as well as being beautiful. My intention is to provide a copy to the 8 women in my small group, to have available every day to be reminded of the enemy prowling! This graphic is perfect! Is it possible to obtain a printable download so I can share with these ladies?

    1. HI Cindy! Always a blessing to hear from a Sister who is pouring into others in Jesus name!!!! Click on the image and then on the underlined title for the pdf file to print! Let me know if you have any trouble with that!!! Xo

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