Flip your boat over

In the study The Armor of God by Priscilla Shirer, Priscilla tells us a story about her neighbor’s canoe.

Having 3 boys, and living near a pond is beyond tempting.  Boys are made to play in the mud of a pond.

Anyway, she shares that all she has to do is say the word, and her neighbor walks down to the pond to turn over the boat and make it ready for the eager passengers…Happy to share his boat and his pond.

One particular day, this nice man was unable to meet them, but insisted they go anyway.

So, it was up to them to walk down and flip over the boat, knocking out any unwanted visitors, before they would get in for a turn.  As she tells this part of the story, (during the video) she scrunches up her nose and confides in us that she isn’t a big fan of the creepy crawly’s that hide under the dark, damp, boat. It’s scary…who knows what is going to jump out from underneath that cold, dark place…or what might still be hiding down in the bottom of the boat…ready to join them on their trip around the pond.

If left unturned, all sorts of creepy bugs, worms, and mold lurk underneath…growing and multiplying…inviting all their bug friends to move in.

Priscilla says this:

“I didn’t need to personally invite them (fruit flies) into my house, all I had to do was create an environment conducive for them, and they just invited themselves. The environment I created WAS the invitation.”

Unrighteousness is all the invitation the enemy needs to set up camp.

The “one who knows the right thing to do and does not do it” sins. (James 4:17) Sin exposes you to the dark dwelling creepy crawlers.

What a perfect visual for our need to flip over our boat! If we keep the schemes and lies of the enemy away from the light, they grow and fester in the dark and overtake us…affecting everything we do.

We have to lean in towards the light…everyday. Plug into the source. Surround ourselves with truth and truth seekers…so we aren’t distracted by what is lurking around the corner, or under our boat! Expose it to the light, gaining God’s perspective as He illuminates our life with truth and hope.

Let’s remember to flip over our boat daily!



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