“For I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the Scriptures,” 1 Cor 15:3

In order to see light, we must first see the dark.

“In order for the good news of the gospel to have meaning for us, we first have to understand the bad news of our condition as sinful people under condemnation. The good news of deliverance only makes sense once we see how we are enslaved. Another way of saying this is that it is important to understand and distinguish between law and gospel in Scripture. We need the law first to show us how hopeless our condition is; then the gospel of Jesus’ grace comes and brings us relief and salvation.” – Justin Holcomb

What a love our God has for us.

I often go to John 17 for the most beautiful reminder of this love our Triune God reveals to us.

Knowing that His closest friends, along with all those who would come to know Him, (US!) would deny Him, betray Him, reject Him, and crucify Him…Jesus cried out to the Father on OUR BEHALF.

What a love. A love that paid the greatest cost…for us.

For you and me.

I pray that the Lord would grow my heart to be more grateful each day.

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