Wewalka / New European Dough available here in the US

So, this is a depart from my usual posts, but I wanted to share a special product I’ve been creating recipes for… It’s a new (to the US) European Dough and can be found in many stores throughout the US.


A Business Born in the Bakery
In 1987, European baker Johann Wewalka started selling his family’s traditional pastries in a small bakery outside of Vienna, Austria. Business was good, and word traveled quickly about his delicious baked items. At the request of some of his loyal customers, Johann would occasionally give out scraps of leftover dough, enabling them to bake their own pastries at home. It didn’t take long before a line of patrons began forming outside the bakery at the end of each workday, all asking for his fresh dough scraps.

Voila! The demand for fresh dough was born. Following a considerable amount of work to ensure a refrigerated product could meet his high bakery standards, Mr. Wewalka introduced his line of packaged dough in 1994.

Today, Wewalka is one of the leading fresh dough producers in the world. The company provides products to more than 30 countries across Europe and Asia, and is now geared up and ready to meet the baking demands of America.

The puff pastry is unique to what has been available in the US because it is refrigerated not frozen. This saves time and makes the end product a better quality. It’s super flaky and so easy to work with!

All of their doughs are GREAT!

The classic pizza dough is just as described…a thicker, chewier, traditional pizza dough. It is also perfect for making calazones & pizza breadsticks.

The Bistro dough is a little thinner than the classic dough and comes in a traditional round…an authentic Italian experience:)

The Flatbread is thin and crispy and is FANTASTIC on the grill! Yum!

Last but not least, the Danish dough. This is a favorite because it is SO VERSITLE! I have made quick easy danishes (topped and baked in minutes), bread pudding, breakfast pastries and even savory appetizers with this delicious dough ❤️

Below are a few of the recipes I created for each of the doughs.

For more recipes and store locations visit their website at wewalka.us

Puff Pastry

Pork Tenderloin Cordon Bleu

Meatballs with spicy red sauce and pastry stars

Wrapped shrimp with pea pods and Asian dipping sauce

Chicken pot pie



White Sauce Flatbread 3 ways

Shamrock pesto bites with spicy red sauce


Blueberry bread pudding


Buffalo chicken calazone

Rosemary crackers on a string

The dough is wonderfully easy and delicious and you’re sure to find some simple recipes you and your family will love!

Check it out at Wewalka.us

Happy Baking!



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