Start with Amen : How I learned to Surrender by Keeping the End in Mind -by Beth Guckenberger (a peek into this new book!)

Start with Amen : How I learned to Surrender by Keeping the End in Mind -by Beth Guckenberger

I’ve only read the first 3 chapters, but Beth had me at AMEN.

If you’ve never read one of Beth’s books, or heard her speak, or experienced her vulnerable, big heart for God, I encourage you to! God will speak to YOUR heart through hers ❤️

She happens to be a “hometown girl”… from my hometown:) After joining the Lord in a “start up ministry” BACK TO BACK, (<—Check it out!) and living in Mexico for many years, she and her family are back in Ohio.

My oldest daughter experienced such growth through this ministry, and it’s easy to see the great work God is doing there. Hope you will prayerfully consider what it might mean to the life of you and/or your family.

Beth Guckenberger is a gifted story teller, with a miraculous story to tell.

Quick to share her stumbles, open and vulnerable in her weaknesses, God tells His story, shares His Glory. through her obedience …and sometimes disobedience, pain, heartache and brokenness.

The doodle below came from Beth’s story about ice cream. I can totally relate. After spending any given day doing “hard stuff” (often in our own power) we feel the need for a reward. Why? Because when we are operating in our own will, using our own “steam” we run out of that steam, without experiencing the blessing the Lord longs to “award” us along the way. We miss out, and try to “bless ourselves” with ____________________ (fill in the blank…maybe it’s ice cream:)

Love your thoughts here Beth Guckenberger!

From “START WITH AMEN” -In Revelation 2, God used John to challenge the church at Ephesus by saying, “Consider how far you have fallen! Repent and do the things you did at first” (v. 5). The word translated as “fallen” from Greek is used in other places in Scripture. It can denote a flower that has withered (James 1: 11; 1 Pet. 1: 24) or a ship out of control (Acts 27: 17, 26). When I neglect spending extended time with the Lord, I feel like a withered flower or an out-of-control ship. A withered flower doesn’t feel his peace, doesn’t show his glory, and just seems tired.  -Beth Guckenberger


And so is Beth:)

click the first sentence in this post to find out more about her book!

I HIGHLY recommend it!

What feeds your view of self ? We can only be defined by the one who designed us.

& even though our tendency is to turn to Black Raspberry Chip…Jesus is the only one who can quench our endless thirst.



Bless you,

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