Happy Friday!

FYI – for those of you joining me in the SHE READS TRUTH STUDY on John, I will be posting day 15 on Monday:) I am getting ready for my son and his family to move in today!!! They are having some work done to their home. This is one excited Mimi!


Can’t wait to have this little cutie patootie!

Here is a Friday Doodle:)


6 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

  1. Sue,

    I love it when worlds collide! I see the sweet picture of your grandson and realize that we are slightly related! Tim Perkins is my cousin! Although I don’t think I’ve ever met your son and daughter-in-law, I recently saw Tim and Jana at his brother Jeff’s funeral. Facebook keeps us connected through our busy lives!

    I have enjoyed your posts and artwork and share it with a meet up Bible journaling group I host with several girls in our youth group!

    God is so good and I’m sure you will enjoy this special time!


    Cheryl Blythe

    Church Resource Specialist

    Logos Christian Bookstore

    8131 Alexandria Pike

    Alexandria, KY 41001



    1. It is GREAT to “meet” you Cheryl! I Love all Perkins!!!!! How fun that you know me through our love for God and Bible Journaling! It’s also wonderful to connect with a Sister in the “business!” I have a friend who is opening up a Christian Bookstore in Cincy soon:) How nice to know there are other local Christian bookstores still nearby…especially with Family Christian gone. May God bless you and your “girls” as you study together!! Your obedience to serve is changing lives❤️

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