DAY 22 /iPad Journaling through John / with SHE READS TRUTH app

Day 22 / John Study / She Reads Truth


As I sit here in the hospital with my Dad I take great comfort as I read  Jesus’ words found here in John 16.


We have a God who knows what we can bear…and He protects us. (Vs12) Jesus knows the challenges we face… the burdens, the rejection, the pain, the sorrow, the loss. He knows what we suffer, He suffered it too…and then some. BUT, He came to rescue us…not from all the pain and suffering this world of sin can bring, but from death…separation from the Father.

He also came so that we might have peace…and more still… joy that is full, in the midst of trials.

John 16:24 Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.


Through the pain and suffering we pick up our crosses and follow Him to victory…over evil, over sin over death. Our Good Shepherd leads us to water…and we learn to follow His voice as we experience His provision and see His Glory as He faithfully walks before us. We must take His hand for Him to walk us through to the other side, otherwise we will lose our way.

We cannot avoid the pain in life, but our Good God promises that He will turn our grief to joy if we will keep our eyes on Him.

Our gaze is so flighty…we are distracted daily…moment by moment.  We choose to be distracted people. We do. Distracted by turning inward instead of upward. Distracted by the noise around us…cell phones, iPads, social media, tv, Distracted by a LOUD world as we are led astray by the “prince” of the earth who looks to destroy us. We are either following Christ or we are following the enemy. OUCH! I need that smack every day!

Let us practice looking up! Let’s take our thoughts captive. Stop in the moment to look for the hand of our Shepherd who will ALWAYS lead us to GOOD place.

In Christ, as He OVERCAME we are ALSO OVERCOMERS…& with supernatural strength, peace, wisdom, and JOY we can dwell with our Father, ABOVE any circumstance in our life…

to see beyond…to a place of Hope.

Bless you,

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